Avast is among the most well-known brands in the antivirus market. It offers great protection for your mobile devices as well as your computers. Its features include a powerful web browser, a network security scanner, and VPN service that keeps your online security. It has a behavior-guard to keep track of suspicious activity, and a fully-featured malware detection system.

Avast is an excellent choice to those looking for a complete security solution that includes lots of features and a simple user interface. In my tests Avast was able identify almost all threats, and even some that others missed. It also has great privacy policies as well as a superb customer support system. It’s fast and reliable, and a lot of additional tools like a sandbox and a robust sandbox. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Android and iOS devices.

The Avast website is simple to navigate and has an attractive layout that clearly outlines the different packages and plans it offers. You can buy a subscription by clicking on the Buy Now button and filling in your payment details. You can also avail the chance to try for free some of its services.

Avast is a great option for those seeking an antivirus with lots of features for the lowest cost. There are several scanning options to choose from, including Smart deep, Targeted and Deep scans as well as Custom and Boot-time scans. Smart scan is quick and has minimal impact on system’s performance. It also comes with a number of unique security features, for instance as an intelligent behavior scanner that can detect threats by analyzing their behaviour patterns.


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