Avast Premier has a high-performance antivirus that has a high malware detection rate. It also comes with many additional features. It also doesn’t impact the performance of your computer as some of its competitors do. However, it falls short board software in some areas. The monitoring of data breaches is not as robust, its password manager is not great and also keeps logs of connections, and it does not have parental controls and an VPN.

When you install, you’ll be asked to install the Avast Secure browser. It’s Avast’s Chromium-based web browser that integrates with other software and services. It also includes a tracker and advert blockers. You can use it as your primary browser.

The interface is simple, clean and easy to navigate. The left-hand sidebar contains hyperlinks to the most important tools and settings. You can start scanning from here, as well as any other tools that are included. For instance the boot-time tool that is thorough in checking your system prior to Windows or rootkits being loaded. You can schedule the scanner to run every day.

Avast offers several plans which range from free to premium. All of them come with a 30 day money-back guarantee. All products purchased for purchase include a trial version that lets you test the entire suite for a month. It’s important to note that its trial only covers one device. If you own more than one computer, you’ll need to purchase a different plan. Premium plans also include some additional security features, like a password management system and anti-phishing security.

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