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If you are reading this, then you are probably already familiar with the concept of business loan broker training. You may have heard about making money on money, selling money, or even being a profitable middleman. But do you know why our training beats out the competition? Or why our students get such fantastic results? (Spoiler, it has to do with you making 100% of the profits, and understanding the needs you fulfill)

In 2019, there was estimated to be around 30.7 million small businesses in the United States. (Which account for 99.9 percent of all businesses in the country) About 1.5 million jobs are created a year from these small businesses.

Facebook reported that the pandemic, the lock-downs, and quarantines rendered at least 31% of US based small businesses “non-operational” in 2020… Let that sink in for a moment. If we do the math, that means that around 9.3 million small businesses closed in 2020. (30 million divided by 31%)

The U.S usually boasts 60% employment, and over 330 million people living in the country. (Which means about 198 million people are regularly employed)

The Economy Has Plummeted, Are You Ready?

Originally, it was thought that we lost hundreds of thousands of jobs in 2020, but this simply isn’t accurate. The average small business has under 100 employees, with most having under 20. Even if we are being conservative in our calculations, and assume that most small businesses have only 10 employees, the results are shocking.

If a single small business employs only 10 people, we just have to multiply that number by the number of businesses that closed in 2020 to see the truth. We didn’t lose hundreds of thousands of jobs, we lost MILLIONS! (10 x 9.3 million = At least 90,300,000 jobs lost in one year!)

Just to further prove a point, if 198 million are employed in the US on average every year, that means nearly Half of all US employees either lost their jobs or couldn’t get hired! Again, that was just one year!

Jobs Are Not Secure Or Recession-Proof

There is nothing wrong with being an employee or taking a salary. Most people are respectable, hard working, and just want to live life happily. That means they have their bills taken care of, they have cash to enjoy their interests, and usually have enough to support a family. (The latter being more difficult today, but still achievable)

The issue isn’t the integrity or morality associated with being an employee, it’s the stability. Millions of Americans came to a rude awakening about their careers, realizing just how quickly their “stable” jobs disappeared in less than a year.

Most readers aren’t old enough to have experienced “The Great Depression” that occurred in the 1930’s. If you have grandparents who went through it, they have a few stories to tell, am I right?

Can America Survive Another Depression? Can You?

America had never experienced something so devastating to its economy, but it was different then. Much of America’s population was still relatively agricultural. In 1910 it is estimated that there we’re at about 6.4 million farms, and even in 1950 there were still about payday loans Florida 5.6 million farms in the US. (Many of which were family operated and owned)

So in the 1930’s when millions lost their jobs, many went home to work on their family’s farm. They had food, shelter, and a means to keep going, even if it wasn’t the city-life they wanted.

But what about now? In 2017 a census was conducted which revealed that America only had 2.04 million farms in the entire country. (Down 3.2 percent from 2012)

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