Natsu made an effort to explore Lucy’s aroused attraction method of attract Hughes and was very troubled whether or not it unsuccessful

Once Kain sees both regarding secured hold, the guy increases angered pointing towards them yelling “H-hey aren’t getting all of the lovey-dovey!

Whenever Natsu additionally the someone else, have been covering up just after are nearly captured of the shields, find Lucy are interrogated and almost captured by the shields. Natsu rushes out of their covering up put even with no magic electricity in hopes to store Lucy. Regarding the Regal city of Edolas, Natsu becomes resentful once studying that his guildmates was became good Lacrima. He attempts to end up in a scene it is dropped by an effective tearful Lucy holding your right back. Once they was indeed caught, Natsu turned into mad after more hearing one to Lucy would definitely getting conducted. He threatened to turn folks toward ash if they a great deal as the moved this lady.

Afterwards immediately after are protected from the Earthland’s Gray and you may Erza, Lucy and you may Gray to get in which Natsu and Wendy are increasingly being kept attentive. Once learning the two being involuntary because of which have its magic strained, Lucy worryingly retains Natsu.

Throughout their battle with Hughes and you may Sugarboy, Lucy did their better to free Natsu, who was simply involved with the Heck Rollercoaster. Immediately after Natsu got out of, the guy and Lucy was amazed from the Hughes’ attack so you can an effective place titled Monster Academy. Lucy is actually caught up for the an outfit actor box. Whenever Natsu found out the trick of one’s container, the guy become using it, and work out Lucy develop into some weird outfits, much in order to the lady annoyance. Lucy also did the same to help you Natsu in exchange.

Tenrou Isle Arc [ ]

At Tenrou isle, Natsu are continually guaranteeing Lucy. Throughout their fight with Kain Hikaru, Natsu and Lucy fought together with her, setting aside the competition of the S-category examinations and you may briefly reforming the people. Whenever Kain takes control over Lucy’s looks, she eyelashes away during the Natsu that have a slap, he were able to avert. But, Lucy’s erratic moves prove continuously having him to deal with. Sooner, Natsu manages to hold-back their and you may maximum her course. Then he asks the lady in the event that this woman is healthier are regulated by the Kain’s curse magic. ” Both of them yell straight back they are perhaps not “lovey-dovey”.

Upon viewing it, Happier goes their tongue and says they prefer each other. Whenever Natsu are caught up significantly less than a stack out-of stones immediately after bringing a strike of Kain, Lucy had been savagely assaulted from the him. Natsu informed her to operate so as that she is going to save by herself however, Lucy denied, stating that it’s got for ages been more fun while they are together and she would maybe not hightail it by herself.

During their struggle with Hades, whenever Natsu is almost going to rating slain, Lucy begged Hades never to kill him. Natsu grabs Lucy’s arm, who is firmly hugging your because of concern. He then claims how they have nothing in order to anxiety because their family members are that it nearby. That it encourages everyone and they keep their strive. During the final an element of the competition facing Hades, Natsu’s scarf appear out of. Knowing how important the newest souvenir away from his foster father will be to Natsu, Lucy dives once it, nearly falling off new airship in the this, but dealing with to store it and you will retains onto it before battle’s end. Lucy then at the same time provides Natsu right back their garment, knowing how far it means in order to your. [1]

Whenever Acnologia involved in order to attack and you can wreck the island, Natsu was usually the one in order to morale Lucy and provide this lady pledge. The guy kept this lady hands, stating that they don’t allow it to prevent right here and they commonly most of the come back to Fairy End.

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