This is definitely a necessary reality check for me

Your “socialist” comment and other insinuations are very telling. People like you are part of the reason people like her DO NOT WANT to be on the mainland or in “red” states. Its also known as, getting away from right-wing nutjobs.

With only a few exceptions (#’s 2, 3, 6, maybe 8 & 11, 12, and 13), all the reasons you put down apply to me. I still want to live in Hawaii but I’m far from being able to afford it so for now, it’ll be nothing but a dream.

Thank you, and much respect, for the information that you share. When I arrive I will leave my bias and expectation at the border. It’s absolutely AMAZING and shocking to see the vote record for the Apology Resolution.

Can you guess which party voted almost in unison against this very humble acknowledgement of the wrongs done to the people of Hawai’i? Hatch (R-UT), Nay. McConnell (R-KY), Nay. Even, God bless him, McCain (R-AZ), Nay.

I Have been in Honolulu since 8/2018. Everything Peter commented is true. Once person told me to go back where I came from. Visiting is a lot better than living. Its very frustrating dealing with irresponsible vendors and services.there is no drive to do good work.There are still very nice simple and kind folks but the other half is scary.

(Once a person told me to go back where I came from.). I was told that one time years ago and I replied smiling, “I can’t, because they don’t like me there either”. He just started laughing and gave me the ‘Shaka Bra’ sign…………

Hi! Very informative piece, I live in Chicago and have visited HI for vacation but this blog post has changed my mind on entertaining the idea of applying for jobs in Honolulu. Thanks for taking the time to share this!

My one suggestion is to remove the word “believe” from this line: “met with protests by those who believe Hawaii was illegally overthrown and illegally annexed by the United States.”

Using the word “believe” implies something erican history books acknowledge that the Hawaiin monarchy was illegally overthrown and the US government issued a formal apology for it. So using the word “believe” is misleading.

Culture is very different, and I have experienced unbelievable rudeness without basic etiquette in some locals

All the reasons(14) listed are perfectly valid. I could add at least one more based on some of the comments. Specifically medical care, or rather the availability of it depending on where you live. I won’t get into the generalities of how health insurance is done in Hawaii, but anyone who plans to move to Hawaii needs to consider health care very, very carefully.

You can make an appointment with a specialist on Oahu and do a RT plane ticket

It’s all fine if you and your family are healthy and/or do have good health insurance, and happen to live on Oahu, which happens to have most of the medical facilities since those will obviously be concentrated where the population is highest.

Let’s assume though you live on one of the other islands. You have found a good General Practitioner. GPs and nurses are very valuable, underpaid and underrated everywhere. I would feel very lucky to find a practice which would take me and my family as new patients were I to move to Hawaii.

Beyond the family doctor though- we tend to love our high tech(and very expensive) medical care which uses lots and lots of high tech equipment and specialists. What happens if you need some of that care and its simply not available on the island you chose to live on? If you are lucky, you won’t need an emergency transport via helicopter. If an emergency transport is needed, often the timing is critical and you or your family member simply may not make it. Or, maybe you are already at your financial limits due to the high cost of living in Hawaii. Close to 2/3 of all bankruptcies are due to medical bills. Even if you have insurance, go take a look at what the deductibles are on the policy, and what may be excluded. Go do an internet search on costs for ‘medical air transport’ and see what sort of numbers you come up with.

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