VIPRE Security offers free antivirus software for both home and office PC users. The company also offers a 30 day money back guarantee. The program includes regular features like a firewall, full and quick system scans, as well as customized scanning schedules. It also lets you create exception rules and logs.

In my review of vipre antivirus, the program performed well. I didn’t encounter any errors or crashes while the program was running in background mode. It was very easy to use and the menus made it easy to schedule updates, scan your device, or quarantine infected files.

The program utilizes the global network of thousands of VIPRE users (both manually and automated) to share information and identify potentially harmful programs, which can help to stop new outbreaks when they first appear. It also collects anonymized data on your system’s behavior when finding threats to improve communications. You can choose to take part or not to participate in the tracking.

The program performed exceptionally well in the Real-World Protection test by AV-Comparatives. It was able block 100 percent of the threats that were tested during the test, and also did not produce false positives. This is a remarkable result and proves that vipre antivirus is capable of handling the latest viruses with little impact on your system.

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