Astrology can be described as buzzword you’ve likely heard tossed around in brunches or while moving through the endlessly swipe-able people on dating apps. When you don’t understand key building hinders, like Mercury retrograde or the birth chart, you may truly feel a little misplaced when it comes to understanding why some signs get well together (Leos and Aquarius, for example) or what exactly the hell that means for your own absolutely adore life.

Astrology can be complicated, actually for people who have a firm belief in its power. Nevertheless it comes to finding love and a potential match, it can present insight into many ways that certain signs interact with one another (think: the way a Virgo will approach their online dating services profile). And while some going out with app users want enough just to shout their zodiac sign from the rooftops, other folks, like 25-year-old Tatyannah, recommend using birth graphs, which use the exact moment of your birth to work through where numerous astrological components were during that time.

Additionally it is worth noting that while some horoscope signals, such as the sunlight, moon and rising indication, have particular personalities, various other planetary figures can also have an impact on your personality and how you interact with people – thus we recommend keeping an open mind regarding compatibility. That being said, some astrologers insist that it can be not a great idea to base a relationship solely on one factor, such as a person’s zodiac sign. So , we tapped several specialists to help all of us decipher the astrological code.

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